notes on ghc-5.02.2. Reply

Thu, 24 Jan 2002 14:01:16 +0300

To my notes on  ghc-5.02.2  Simon Marlow  writes

>> * up-arrow key does not work in  ghci,
>>   and it worked in binary installation.
>>   Probably, some library was not found. How to fix this?

> Do you have the readline-devel RPM installed?  This is needed to compile
> GHC with readline support.

I run ghc here on two machines. 
And it appears now that both are under  Debian Linux. 
Some people here say that this RPM does not go under Debian.
Maybe, GHC can take care of Debian?

Would it help now, after `make all', `make install',
setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH or such, making symbolic links?

>> * The interpreted code looks 2-3 times larger than compiled one.
>>   DoCon-library has size                    11 Mb, 
>>   .o files of compiled test take less than   2 Mb,
>>   test loading   ghci -package docon T_ +RTS -Mxx -RTS
>>   needs  xx = 12  for the compiled full test  T_,
>>               31  for interpreted  T_.
>>   If  DoCon-library  is out of the heap reserved by -M  (is it?),
>>   then, we have that interpreted code is  2.6  times larger.
>>   Is this due to large interaces kept in heap?

> Compiled code isn't loaded into the heap, so it isn't included in the
> size you give to -M. 
> What are "interaces"?

A typo. Module interfaces. 
In any case, I could confuse things, not understanding these 
implementation details,
only observe that the interpreted code looks 2-3 times larger.
Maybe, it is natural, maybe not, I do not know.

Another question: am I in  glasgow-haskell-users.. ?
I am responding to Simon's respond to my letter to 
glasgow-haskell-users.. sent a couple of hours ago, 
and I had not recieved this my letter, so far.

Serge Mechveliani