notes on ghc-5.02.2

Thu, 24 Jan 2002 12:05:37 +0300

Dear GHC,

Here are some comments on  ghc-5.02.2.
I have tested it in the following way.

1. Installed  binary = ghc-5.02.2-i386-linux-unknown.
2. Compiled  ghc-5.02.2-source  with  binary  for  linux-i386,  
   under empty  mk/,  removed binary installation.
3. Compiled a large Haskell project DoCon under -O
   (making package, -fglasgow-exts, overlappings ...) 
4. Run DoCon test.

It looks all right.
* It spends the memory in a better way when making a project and 
  loading interpreted modules.
* It looks fixed the bug with the value visibility in  ghci  in
  (let f = ...;  let g = h f ...) 

Some questions

* up-arrow key does not work in  ghci, 
  and it worked in binary installation.
  Probably, some library was not found. How to fix this?

  I have stored  config.log  of  `./configure ...'
  and  makeall.log  of  `make all'.
  `make boot' (before `make all') did nothing and issued a 
  message recommending to run a thing something in some 
  subdirectory, and I skipped this command at all. Do I mistake?

* the directory  /share  always neighboured to  /bin /lib
  in the installation directory. Why it is absent now?
  Maybe, the up-arrow bug is related to this?

* Where to find the ghc manual in the .ps form,
  like  provided by binary installation? 

* The interpreted code looks 2-3 times larger than compiled one.
  DoCon-library has size                    11 Mb,  
  .o files of compiled test take less than   2 Mb,
  test loading   ghci -package docon T_ +RTS -Mxx -RTS
  needs  xx = 12  for the compiled full test  T_,
              31  for interpreted  T_.
  If  DoCon-library  is out of the heap reserved by -M  (is it?),
  then, we have that interpreted code is  2.6  times larger.
  Is this due to large interaces kept in heap?

Please, advise,

Serge Mechveliani