Sigbjorn Finne sof@galois.com
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 08:48:11 -0800


GreenCard is still widely used, but doesn't offer any
support for what you're wanting to do.

Is the auto-generation of proxy code around the Haskell
functions you want to export worth your while to get
started with HDirect? Don't know, you may want to try
doing it manually for a couple of the functions (perhaps
by looking at the Haskell code that HDirect generates
for the server/ example) & then decide.


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Subject: FFI

> I'm looking for opinions as to the best way to do a C (or C++)
> foreign interface to GHC haskell code.
> It looks like there are three options.  Greencard has been around for 
> a while, but it looks as if it's more-or-less deprecated now; I don't
> see many people talking about it anymore.  Unless I'm wrong about this
> (and if I am, please disabuse me of this bias), it doesn't sound like
> the obvious choice.
> That leaves me with GHC's FFI and hdirect.  I've played around a bit
> with hdirect in ghc-5.02 and it works.  I haven't really looked at the
> native FFI (beyond reading some manual pages), so I'm not really sure
> what hdirect provides that the FFI doesn't.  From a cursory glance it
> looks like hdirect's ihc is useful for auto-generating interface files,
> but it may be over-kill for my smallish project.
> Any feedback or personal biases are welcomed.
> Thanks,
> --Mark
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