SGI-Port // Mnagler-Gcc Interface...

Keith Wansbrough
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 09:49:05 +0000

Rafael writes:

> I'm trying to run GHC in a mips-SGI-irix platform, more accurately Irix
> 6.
> The last binary version avalaible
> ( is for ghc-2.10
> (ghc-2.10-mips-sgi-irix6.tar.gz) .
> In order to reach the actual ghc-5-XX step by step, I will start by
> porting ghc-3.02, ghc-4.08....

The other way to do the port is to bootstrap from HC files; i.e.,
forget that any ghc build exists on your architecture, and start from
scratch.  The method is discussed briefly at

but basically involves using pre-built, non-gcc-specific C files that
don't need mangling to build the first stage GHC compiler.  From
there, you have a Haskell compiler that can be used to compile the
real GHC natively, and you can work on the mangler etc as necessary.
No doubt one of the GHC Team will give more details.

In general, the GHC Team is very happy to help with this kind of
thing, because they want GHC to be available on as many platforms as


--KW 8-)