The size of things

Ketil Z. Malde
18 Feb 2002 08:51:22 +0100

"Simon Marlow" <> writes:

>>         data STuple = STuple !Int Foo
>> is slightly less efficient than using a normal tuple
>>         (Int,Foo)

> Just checking... with -funbox-strict-fields, right?


> It's possible that the boxed Int is being reconstructed for some
> reason.  You'll be able to see the difference more accurately using
> heap profiling. 

Yeah, I guess I'll have to try to find an RPM where profiling works
properly.  (Time to upgrade to 5.02.2 anyway, isn't it.)

I guess I'll try to rewrite the whole thing using monadic arrays that
update in place.  But my nice algorithm is getting more and more
cluttered ... sigh.

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