Strictness information?

Till Dörges
Sun, 17 Feb 2002 13:44:25 +0100

Hi folks,

during the struggle for speed of my program, I've tried to check the strictness of my functions, where most of the time is consumed. Unluckily the ghc documentation doesn't mention the strictness-types I found for the most part. :-(

For the particular function in question it reads in the *.hi file:

--- snip ---
isSubPosnOf :: Posn -> Posn -> PrelBase.Bool {-## __A 2 __C __S VV __U (__inline_me (\ a2 :: Posn b :: Posn -> PrelBase.zaza (zddmzsze1 a2 b) (isPrefixOf b a2))) ##-};
--- snap ---

If I understand it correctly I must look at '__S VV', but what does V mean? (The doc only talks about L,S,E,P,U,A).

Thanks -- Till