The size of things

Ketil Z. Malde
15 Feb 2002 13:28:17 +0100

"Simon Marlow" <> writes:

>> Yes, I see.  Would it be possible to have a standard strict list,

> Yes, it would be possible, but we can't do it without making
> sweeping changes to standard libraries and deviating from Haskell 98
> quite a bit.  It's something to bear in mind should the topic of
> Haskell 2 come up, though. 

Yes, I realise that.

Perhaps it'd be possible to (for one particular module) override the
default [] and (:) to use a strict-element list.  I.e.

        import Prelude hiding...
        import StrictLists


(The intention is to make *all* lists in that module strict)

Anyway, I tried to rewrite my program to use custom-defined lists
instead of []-type lists.  Unfortunately, I ended up consuming vastly
more space, and additionally needing a huge stack.  And everything was
a lot slower. I've probably messed up something, somewhere.  Sigh.

Thanks for all your help, though!

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