scope in ghci. Reply

Fri, 15 Feb 2002 09:26:28 +0300

Martin Norb <> writes

> I just noticed this behavior with ghci
> After loading a module with
> :l Module
> you can't use the Prelude functions unqualified, you just get things
> like
> <interactive>:1: Variable not in scope: `show'
> I am pretty sure that this worked some days ago, and I was using the
> same version then.
> I feel totally confused. Has this happened to anyone else?

Even if Prelude is visible, still the library items are not.
(List.sort, Ratio ...). Maybe, this is natural, I do not know.

But I believe, it is possible to control the scope.
For example, create a module  Universe.hs  which re-exports
Prelude, libraries and user programs.
Then,  :l Universe  should bring to scope all these items.

Serge Mechveliani