Proposal for GHC documentation

Krasimir Angelov
Fri, 27 Dec 2002 00:13:35 -0800 (PST)

     Hi, GHC team

  The current GHC documentation is written using SGML
with DocBook DTD and DSSL stylesheet. I tried to
translate GHC users guide from SGML to XML and now I
have XML-ised user guide with just few syntactic
changes. The rewritten documentation can be translated
to HTML using just a standard xsltproc tool (available
for both Cygwin & Linux) and XSLT DocBook stylesheet.
The main advantage of XML version is that there is
already developed XSLT stylesheet which generates
input for Microsoft HTML Help Compiler. The GTK
development team was already developed stylesheet for
DevHelp. Advantages of HTML Help browser and DevHelp
are that both supports useful search engine. Haddock
also has already developed HTML Help output and can be
easy extended to generate .devhelp index file. I think
that this will made GHC documentation much more easy
for reading and browsing.


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