Run-time options in ghc on Linux

Simon Marlow
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 09:53:09 -0000

> The +RTS options don't seem to be working for me on Linux=20
> (Redhat 7.2, ghc 5.04 and 5.04.1 installed via the .rpms). =20
> One of my programs will happily consume all available memory,=20
> even though I have +RTS -M64M, and another program fails with
> Stack space overflow: current size 1048576 bytes.
> Use `+RTS -Ksize' to increase it.
> even though I'm using +RTS -K10M.

Well, it works here...  if you say "+RTS -?" does it print the help
text?  Could you post the exact command lines you're using to
compile/link the program, and the command line used to run it?