Ticky-ticky profiling?

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj@microsoft.com
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 09:29:07 -0000

You need to cd into fptools/libraries, and say 'make way=3Dt'.  (The =
stuff is described in the building guide.  Better still, set
GhcLibWays=3Dt to your build.mk file.)  This will build a library tree
with flag -ticky, which is what you need.  You do need to build from
source to do this.


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| Subject: Ticky-ticky profiling?
| Hi,
| I'm wondering what needs to be done in order to use ticky-ticky
profiling --
| section 5.7 in the Users' Guide says:
|   "To be able to use ticky-ticky profiling, you will need to have
|   appropriate libraries and things when you made the system. See
|   what libraries to build,? in the installation guide."
| but that section in the installation guide doesn't seem to exist. When
| try to compile programs with -ticky, I get lots of "Could not find
| file" errors, so presumably I need to "build appropriate libraries and
| If anyone could tell me what that specifically means, I'd appreciate
| Thanks,
| Kirsten
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