Ticky-ticky profiling?

Kirsten Chevalier krc@uclink.berkeley.edu
Mon, 9 Dec 2002 11:54:39 -0800

I'm wondering what needs to be done in order to use ticky-ticky profiling --
section 5.7 in the Users' Guide says:

  "To be able to use ticky-ticky profiling, you will need to have built
  appropriate libraries and things when you made the system. See ?Customising
  what libraries to build,? in the installation guide."

but that section in the installation guide doesn't seem to exist. When I
try to compile programs with -ticky, I get lots of "Could not find interface
file" errors, so presumably I need to "build appropriate libraries and things".
If anyone could tell me what that specifically means, I'd appreciate it.


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