Request: suppress specific warnings at specific places

Mike Gunter
01 Dec 2002 16:06:25 -0800

I wrote:

> > GHC's excellent warnings are very helpful.  They would be somewhat
> > more so if it were possible to suppress a warning about a specific bit
> > of code

Then "Simon Marlow" <> wrote:

> (of course, the workaround is to put the offending code into a module of
> its own, and use OPTIONS to turn off the appropriate warnings).

This doesn't seem to work (easily) for me.  I want -Wall applied to
all my source, so give it on the command line.  Because the OPTIONS
options get prepended, the -Wall seems to win out.  :(.  I could add
-Wall at the top of all my source files, but that's unappealing.  If
GHC provided a way to have a command-line options appear before the
OPTION options in the final list, that would work.