constructor names in generic classes

Simon Peyton-Jones
Fri, 30 Aug 2002 13:36:59 +0100

Not very likely.

I'm much more enthusisatic about Template Haskell just now,
which lets you do similar things in a different way, and much
more besides.

See my home page

I'm getting on with the implementation.  If you are interested,
check out the meta-haskell-branch of the CVS tree.  It'll become
the HEAD as soon as I'm sure I haven't broken anything badly,
and thence get into a release.

Meanwhile, constructor and field names for Derivable Type Classes
languish, I fear.

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| From: Duncan Coutts []=20
| Sent: 30 August 2002 13:32
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| Subject: constructor names in generic classes
| Is it likely that the ability to access data constructor /=20
| field names as described in the "Derivable type classes"=20
| paper will be implemented any time soon?
| I was playing with a ShowXML / ReadXML library. It would be=20
| much easier for users if they could just write
| instance ShowXML MyData
| instance ReadXML MyData
| rather than having to use DrIFT.
| Just wondering.
| Duncan
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