gcc 3

Simon Marlow simonmar@microsoft.com
Fri, 23 Aug 2002 09:31:18 +0100

> can anybody say something about support for gcc 3 as a=20
> backend to GHC? I
> heard from Ralf (see Cc) that it currently does not work. What is the
> cause of this, and will it be fixed? The reason it's coming up is that
> Gentoo Linux is slowly moving towards a release with GCC 3.2 as its
> default compiler. A parallel install of GCC 2 will be supported, but
> depending on it would of course not be as nice as one would like.
> Also, I assume the old 4.08 .hc files from which we're bootstrapping
> can't be compiled by GCC 3 either. Will you produce a new set once the
> compiler supports GCC 3? I guess I could try to produce one myself
> otherwise, though.

GCC 3 works fine with GHC on x86.  On Sparc, we had a couple of problems
that were sorted out post-5.04 and the fixes will be in 5.04.1.

None of this affects .hc files themselves - any problems are generally
confined to the Evil Mangler(TM).  So although the 4.08 .hc files should
still work fine, you might need to back-port some of the fixes to the
mangler into 4.08 in order to bootstrap.