HDirect for GHC 5.04

Paul Moore gustav@morpheus.demon.co.uk
21 Aug 2002 22:56:56 +0100

"Sigbjorn Finne" <sof@galois.com> writes:

> Thanks, fixed in the current sources. To make it
> work for you, you need supply defns of libdir
> and datadir when doing 'install-pkg', e.g.,
>   foo$ make install-pkg libdir=`pwd` datadir=`pwd`
> (make sure you remove HDirect.pkg first.)

Hm. This actually puts Cygwin-format pathnames in HDirect.pkg
(/cygdrive/c/...) which (the Windows native) GHC doesn't recognise.

> This is all somewhat academic to you though, as you're
> really just interested in the COM version of the libraries
> in comlib/ (for which 'make install-pkg' does the right thing.)

The comlib version also ends up with Cygwin-format pathnames, so has
the same problem.

[Why do you say I'm not going to be interested in the "lib" stuff?
I've not really fully understood the difference between the two parts

On a not-really-related note, this leaves the GHC installation
pointing at where I unpacked HDirect (ie, "install-pkg" doesn't
install the package, in the sense of copying it into a central
location, it just sets up pointers). A note in the documentation would
be useful here, as I unpacked the tarball into a temporary directory
and built there - if I hadn't noticed this issue from investigating
the above problem, I'd have deleted my temporary directory after the
install, and posted lots more "it doesn't work" messages... :-)

Is it possible to "install" HDirect, possibly even under the GHC
directory tree? Which files are needed for this? Just the .hi files?

Thanks once again for all the support with this.