HDirect for GHC 5.04

Paul Moore gustav@morpheus.demon.co.uk
21 Aug 2002 16:36:02 +0100

"Sigbjorn Finne" <sof@galois.com> writes:

> http://galois.com/~sof/hdirect-0.19-src.tar.gz 
> contains a source snapshot that works with 5.04.
> Building it isn't hard...if it turns out to be, please
> let me know.

Spoke too soon. The build went fine, but when I tried installing the
packages, I got the following error:

bash-2.05$ cd lib
bash-2.05$ make install-pkg
Reading package info from stdin... done.
Expanding embedded variables...done.
`' doesn't exist or isn't a directory
Unable to install 'hdirect' package for GHC - perhaps GHC isn't installed.
Try running ghc-pkg utility "ghc-pkg -a < /HDirect.pkg"
when GHC is installed.

I have GHC installed (from the Windows installer). Running the ghc-pkg
command manually didn't help. (Nor did using "HDirect.pkg" rather than
"/HDirect.pkg" - isn't the initial slash wrong?)

I'm not sure where to go next - I don't understand ghc-pkg, so if
there's any information I can provide which might help, let me know.


PS In case it helps, here's HDirect.pkg:

Package { name = "hdirect",
          import_dirs  = [""],
          source_dirs  = [],
          library_dirs = [""],
          hs_libraries = ["HShdirect"],
          extra_libraries = ["kernel32"],
          include_dirs = [""],
          c_includes = [],
          package_deps = ["base","lang"],
          extra_ghc_opts = [],
          extra_cc_opts = [],
          extra_ld_opts = []}