redirecting stdin/stdout

Alastair Reid
21 Aug 2002 13:25:01 +0100

> Yes, it is entirely possible to do this, and in fact we used to have
> such a thing (withStdout, withStderr) which got dropped when I
> re-implemented the I/O system.  It's not immediately clear what the
> interface should be, though.  If we have

> 	setStdout :: Handle -> IO ()

> what happens to the original handle?

A pattern common in the Win32 GDI is to use a type like:

 	setStdout :: Handle -> IO Handle

Which makes it easy to implement things like:

  withStdout :: Handle -> IO a -> IO a
  withStdout h m = do
    h' <- setStdout h
    setStdout h'

At some point, it might also be useful to introduce a notion of
processes to GHC in addition to its current notion of threads.  What I
mean by this is:

- with threads, you have independent execution of code but all threads
  see the same global environment.  That is, stdout is the same for all
  of them.

- with processes, you have independent execution but each process sees a
  different global environment.  That is, processes can have different 
  notions of stdout.

Perhaps this is best done using implicit parameters though?  We could
bundle up all those environmental things (getArgs, stdout, etc.) in a 
record and pass it around...

Alastair Reid         
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