weird floating point exception with -Rghc-timing

Simon Marlow
Mon, 19 Aug 2002 17:05:19 +0100

> It seems that if compilation is not required, or if=20
> compilation is very
> fast, ghc -Rghc-timing will throw up a Floating point exception:
> [hdaume@hal3 timing]$ ls
> Timing.hs
> [hdaume@hal3 timing]$ cat Timing.hs
> module Timing where
> timing =3D undefined
> [hdaume@hal3 timing]$ ghc -Rghc-timing Timing.hs -c
> <<ghc: 9358352 bytes, Floating point exception

This is a divide-by-zero bug in the code that generates the stats, which
I think I've fixed.  You must have some custom heap settings that are
triggering this though: is your GHC_RTS environment variable set to