>2gb memory usage ==> segementation fault?

Hal Daume III hdaume@ISI.EDU
Tue, 6 Aug 2002 10:44:37 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all, me again :)

I keep trying to get my program to run through with all my data, but once
it hits around 2 or 2 1/2 gb of memory allocated (according to top), it
seg faults and emits a rather sizeable (2.5 gb) core dump.

Rather than sending around my 5k line program, here's a simple one which
exhibits the same problem:

-- UseMemory.hs
module Main where

import Control.Monad
import Control.Monad.ST
import Data.Array.ST
import System

mkArrays :: Int -> Int -> ST s (STArray s Int (STArray s Int Int))
mkArrays src dst =
    newArray_ (0,src) >>= \arr ->
    mapM_ (\i -> newArray (0,dst) i >>= writeArray arr i) [0..src] >>
    return arr

sumArrays :: STArray s Int (STArray s Int Int) -> ST s Int
sumArrays arr =
    foldM (\s i -> readArray arr  i >>= \arr' ->
    foldM (\s j -> readArray arr' j >>= return . (s+)) s [0..snd (bounds
          0 [0..snd (bounds arr)]

main = do [ssize,dsize] <- getArgs
          print $ runST (mkArrays (read ssize) (read dsize) >>= sumArrays)

I compile with -O2 -fvia-c, and then run:

9:52am enescu:TryMPI/ ./UseMemory 1 20000 +RTS -K128m
9:53am enescu:TryMPI/ ./UseMemory 1 2000000 +RTS -K128m -A64m
9:54am enescu:TryMPI/ ./UseMemory 100 2000000 +RTS -K128m -A64m
Segmentation fault
1858.28u 51.66s 35:26.02 89.8%

(The -A is because if you don't increase the GC size, the program executes
ridiculously slowly.)

Unfortunately, this behavior is entirely predictable; no matter what
arguments you use, once it gets to about 2.2 gb of memory usage it
dies.  (This is running on a solaris 2.8 machine with 8gb main memory,
about 5 or 6gb free.)

Could someone explain to me what's going on here?

 - Hal

Hal Daume III

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