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Martin Norbäck
25 Apr 2002 09:20:31 +0200

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tor 2002-04-25 klockan 01.07 skrev Johan Nordlander:
> One might also argue that the problem is these extra roots that=20
> are implicitly added to the search path.  Arguably, dropping the=20
> current directory and the directory of the importing module from=20
> the search path would solve the problems listed above.  But=20
> there's still a possibility to list overlapping directories in=20
> the search path proper, so dropping the implicit directories=20
> wouldn't really cure the disease, only make it less prominent. =20
> Furthermore, this feature is there because it has been in Hugs=20
> for a long time, and many people seem to rely on it quite=20
> heavily.

But how would adding the directory of an importing module make any

Assuming non-hierarchical names, if the importing module is found, then
it's directory already must be in the seach path. So there is no reason
to add it.

> All in all, dropping all implicit directories from the search=20
> path gets my vote.

Dropping all implicit directories but the current directory gets mine.
On the other hand, adding "." to the search path is no big trouble, and
then it will work exactly like java. A compiler could even allow search
paths to be tar-files (or tar.gz, tar.bz2, zip, jar, ...).



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