ghc-pkg info

Sven Panne
Sun, 21 Apr 2002 21:52:10 +0200

Simon Marlow wrote:

>>It would be nice if ghc-pkg had options to display the value 
>>of $libdir or at least the given conf file. [...]

I had *major* pains with this for the upcoming HOpenGL release, too.  :-P

> 'ghc -v' will tell you the location of package.conf, which for a normal
> GHC install is located in $libdir.  Does that help?

Ooops, never noticed that. Since when (GHC x.y) has this been working? Is
this the "official" way? IMHO it's quite important, because due to the heavy
inter-module optimizations, packages are closely tied to a specific GHC version,
so $libdir is the only sensible place for package installation.