ANNOUNCE: GHC 5.03.20020410 snapshot released

Simon Marlow
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 12:37:43 +0100

Another snapshot along the 5.03 line, we expect this to be the last
snapshot before 5.04. As before, there are NO GUARANTEES as to the
stability of this release, but it has passed our three-stage bootstrap
and all but one(!) of the 754 regressions tests passed. Documentation is
also still lagging behind the new features.=20

Get it from the usual place:

Changes since the previous snapshot (5.03.20020204):=20

* GHC switched over to the new hierarchical library structure for its
  base libraries. The old hslibs and the standard Haskell 98 libraries
  are still there, so you shouldn't notice any difference for existing
  code. We're currently working on documenting the new library structure
  for the next release.=20

* The syntax for implicit parameters has changed: implicit bindings are
  now introduced with the let keyword instead of with. The bindings in a
  let must be either all implicit bindings or all explicit, not a
  of the two. The old with syntax will be supported for a couple of
  or so, but will elicit a warning message from the compiler if you use

* Foreign export dynamic is allegedly working in GHCi.=20

* Generics are working again.=20

* Explicit kind annotations can now be given on type variables. See the
  documentation (type system extensions, explicitly-kinded
  for more details.=20

* Interface files are now in a binary format for speed of
  Use ghc --show-iface to show the textual representation of an
  The synatx of .hi-boot files has changed, and is now much more