concurrent --make

Simon Marlow
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 13:56:33 +0100

> Dear  GHC (5.02.2),
> By occasion, can you  --make  things parallelwise, concurrently ?
> For we have 6 processors here, and  =20
>                                     ghc -O --make <HeadModule>
> takes more than 60 minutes on one procesor to `make' my application
> (to find import dep-s, compile many .hs modules, create libraries).=20
> Also `making' GHC from source takes more that 4 hours on one
> processor.=20

We'd like to do something like this, but it's not high up the priority
list.  For the time being, you can use normal Makefiles with 'ghc -M' to
create dependencies, and then use 'make -j' to get parallelism.