GHCi and -O [was: Re: ANNOUNCE: GHC 5.02.3 released]

Ketil Z. Malde
10 Apr 2002 09:52:19 +0200

"Simon Marlow" <> writes:

>> warning: -O conflicts with --interactive; -O turned off.

>> So, is GHCi supposed to work w/ optimized modules after all?

> Sure, GHCi is supposed to be able to load optimised object code just as
> well as non-optimised object code.  If it doesn't, this is a bug.

You can use .o files compiled with -O, but you don't start
GHCi with -O!  Which, as I understood it, was what was puzzling Till. 

A regular, non-O GHCi is (should be) able to work fine with optimized
and non-optimized compiled code.  (I don't remember ever having any
problems with that, only with profiling and non-profiling code)

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