ANNOUNCE: Object I/O released

Krasimir Angelov
Mon, 8 Apr 2002 01:30:10 -0700 (PDT)

   <P>The first release, 0.1, of Object I/O is now
<P>The Object I/O for Haskell library is a port of
standard Clean Object I/O library. The general
structure of the Haskell version is inherited from the
original library but there are also few differences
provoked from the languages differences.

<P>Object I/O allows Haskell programmers to build rich
graphical user interface. This release support only
Windows platform. Features include:

<P>* Modal and nonmodal dialogs

<P>* Nonmodal resizeable windows

<P>* Toolbars and menus

<P>* Various kind of controls and possibility to build
custom controls

<P>* Layout manager for controls

<P>* Timers. The timer simplifies building of little
games. See examples.

<P>* Support for file opening with "drag & drop"

<P>Quick reference is available from:

<P>Binary package compiled with GHC-5.02.1
<A href=""></A>


<P>Source package

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