GHC 4.08.2 binaries for OpenBSD i386 available

Donald Bruce Stewart
Sat, 6 Apr 2002 14:26:45 +1000

    I've finished a port of GHC 4.08.2 to OpenBSD i386.
    The binary package (12M) can be ftp'd from:

    This can be installed with the command (as root):

        pkg_add ghc-4.08.2.tgz

    You can remove the package with:

        pkg_delete ghc-4.08.2.tgz

    If you want to see how the package was built, or just like building
    from source, an OpenBSD ports system "port" (6k) is also available:

    Making sure you have a reasonably recent OpenBSD ports tree on the
    system, download the port to a convenient place (with >150M free)

        tar xvzf ghc-4.08.2-port.tgz
        cd ghc

    then, as root:
        make && make install

    This should pull the sources from the Haskell site, build the binary
    package and then install it. It takes around 4 hours on my P3 700
    machine. You can uninstall this with pkg_delete, as above. Note that
    you will need both bzip2 and gmake to do the build.
    The port was built using the 2.9 branch of the ports tree so
    feedback from 3.0 or current ports tree users would be welcome.
    Send any bugs or suggestions to me at <>.
    I will work on getting 5.02.2 and 5.03 built and out soon.