fast IO in ghc

Simon Peyton-Jones
Wed, 3 Apr 2002 02:03:53 -0800

And, with a lot of help from Koen, I'm about to fold in a
much more efficient implementation of Read, which may help.


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| Subject: fast IO in ghc
| I tend to deal a lot with very very large data files in=20
| Haskell and my current approach to dealing with getting data=20
| out of one program an into another is writing it to a file=20
| using 'show' and then reading it in using 'read'. =20
| Unfortunately, this is very slow and produces very large=20
| files which are very slow to read and write.  Is there=20
| another option?  I don't care about H98 compatibility, so if=20
| there's a way to somehow just dump ghc's internal=20
| representation (I also don't care about x-platformness) to a=20
| file and read it back, that would be excellent.  Other=20
| suggestions are welcome too :).
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