JVM-Bridge Current Status

Ashley Yakeley ashley@semantic.org
Tue, 2 Apr 2002 16:09:04 -0800

1. Changes So Far
The following changes have been checked into CVS since the 0.1 release:


  * MacOS X support

  * Beginnings of mingw32 support

  * New Sun 1.4 JVM

  * Now installs in /usr/lib/jvm-bridge/

  * ExecuteFunction bindings now done at run-time


  * MacOS X support

  * 'Haskell' now a separate Autotools project installing in 

  * New array region access functions

  * Correct array types in autogenerated class interfaces

  * Subtype parameters in autogenerated class interfaces

  * VMLayer 'env' parameter now implicit

  * Various changes in the BasicLayer

  * new native StartExecuteFunction function called by 
getExecuteFunctionClass, defineCallbackClass

I recommend using GHC 5.02.2 or later. Possibly it might work with 5.02.

2. Current Work
MacOS X callback support is buggy, and I'm currently working on it. It 
might a problem with ghc-5.03-13032002-MacOSX (foreign export dynamic), 
or it might be a bug in JVM-Bridge.

Thomas Pasch <extern.thomas.pasch@volkswagen.de> has done some work on 
getting JVM-Bridge to compile under mingw32. I have integrated some of 
his patches. I do not have a Windows machine myself.

I would like to do a 0.2 release, say when both examples work on all 
three platforms.

3. I have created a new mailing list:
If you are using JVM-Bridge I encourage you to subscribe.

Ashley Yakeley, Seattle WA