Cash Prizes Win!

Simon Marlow
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 11:48:36 +0100

[ Ketil Malde asks about recent spam on Haskell mailing lists... ]
> How about disallowing non-subscribers from posting?  This list is my
> main source of spam these days.  (Effective filtering is your friend)

My apologies for this spam that got through.  Mailman's automatic
filtering catches *most* of the spam bound for the list - there are
usually a few messages per day.  The ones that get through are very much
the exception, but it does occasionally happen.

I could turn on subscriber-only posting if there's a consensus to do
that.  It might be inconvenient in that you have to post from the same
account that you read Haskell mail from though, and I know some people
have separate email accounts just for receiving Haskell mail.  What do
people think?

Also, what do people think about the volume of Conference-related
announcements sent to the list ( in particular)?
Most of these get caught by the filter, and I tend to disallow only
those that have no connection to programming language research at all.
This could be tightened to Haskell-related or functional
programming-related conferences only.