Readline version

Simon Marlow
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 10:16:36 -0000

> I've been having a bit of trouble compiling ghc5.02 from source on=20
> Solaris 2.6. The problem is that it can't find=20
> readline/readline.h which=20
> is not in a standard place since I had to compile readline=20
> myself. I've=20
> been messing around with various environment variables and=20
> configuration=20
> options, but have failed so far to communicate where this=20
> file is. I'm=20
> hoping someone can give me a suggestion. (I've reviewed the=20
> mailing list=20
> log and FAQ and have seen that readline is a problem on Solaris, but=20
> haven't seen anything that obviously is what I've been missing.)
> I hacked mk/ to say GhcLibsWithReadline=3DYES, since I have=20
> libreadline.a and libtermcap.a in my LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

BTW: the "right" way to modify these variables is by overriding them in
your file, since is auto-generated every time you run

> That produced the=20
> aforementioned missing readline/readline.h. I tried CFLAGS=3D<blah> so =

> that readline/readline.h should be visible but that didn't=20
> work either.

You can set ReadlineIncludePath in to the path containing

> One more thing, is there a particular version of readline I should be=20
> using? (I'm using 4.2)

4.2 should be fine.