ghc --make feature request

Martin Norbäck
Fri, 26 Oct 2001 14:51:43 +0200

I just wanted to make a feature request to ghc --make (there seem to
have been a number of such...)

I have a project currently consisting of 36 Haskell modules, and a
number of support modules for those.

Naturally, compiling this takes quite some time (even for ghc --make)
especially considering that one of the modules is a happy-generated

When I make a bug fix in one of the modules early in the dependancy
chain, this forces a recompile of all the modules above it, even if the
modules interface hasn't changed.

I would suggest that when ghc --make recompiles a module, it should
compare the new interface with the old one, and if they are the same,
doesn't force recompiliation of the modules that depend on it, but
merely change the time on those files without actually compiling.



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