New GHC 5.02 InstallShield

Reuben Thomas
Thu, 18 Oct 2001 14:39:37 +0100

I've finally managed to produce a new InstallShield that fixes all the 
known problems with the old one (note that doesn't include 
non-InstallShield-specific problems).

In particular, the win32 library is now fully present, the util package 
comes with the profiling headers, and GHC installs itself once more under 
\ghc\ghc-5.02 to avoid problems when you're using it with tools that don't 
like spaces in paths (e.g. autoconf). The bug in ghci that prevented it 
working with long command lines (well, actually anything other than very 
short command lines) is also fixed.

Also, for all you Windows hackers out there, it installs a couple of 
registry keys (in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\GHC) telling you what version 
is installed and where.

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