hGetContents bug?

Andre W B Furtado awfurtado@uol.com.br
Thu, 11 Oct 2001 16:28:55 -0300

> > I'll get a strange result if the file contains the character
> > (or 26-decimal): all characters beyond this point won't be printed on
> > screen.
> I think this is correct behaviour for a text file under
> Windows/DOS... you should open the file as binary instead.

When I said I tryied to use OpenFileEx, I also was trying to say that I used
the option BinaryMode. In a Windows2k platform, the program works well, but
in Windows98 I got the problem I said before.

I think the program READS the file correctly, but DISPLAYS it on the screen
in a wrong way. Am I right about this?

-- Andre