HOpengl on Ghc 5.02

Carl R. Witty cwitty@newtonlabs.com
09 Oct 2001 14:00:41 -0700

Nicolas <Nicolas.Oury@ens-lyon.fr> writes:

> Hi there,
> Sorry for this stupid question:
> Is there a distrib of a HOpenGl package working with ghc 5.02. I tried
> the CVS but don't manage to make it work (ghc 5.03 panic).
> Can someone help me?

I got HOpenGL to work without trouble.  On September 29, I checked out
the ghc-5-02 branch from CVS, configured it with --enable-hopengl, and
built and installed it.  (I actually built a Debian package, using the
Debian packager's build scripts.)

I doubt if it matters, but I'm using HOpenGL with gtk+hs and gtkglarea
instead of Glut.

Carl Witty