memory management

Mon, 01 Oct 2001 11:51:34 +0400

Simon Peyton-Jones <> 

writes on my recent bug reports

> Simon is going to look into the storage management bug.
> I believe that it does not show up if you do not use the
> (new) compacting garbage collector, correct?
> We'll produce 5.02.1 when we know what the cause is;
> meanwhile, can you just switch off compacting GC?
> (Admittedly, that would be easier to do if you could
> specify some run-time flags at link time, which is something
> we've been thinking about.)

See my new smallest report of today to  ..bugs@..
And I tried to switch out the new garbage collector by 
                              +RTS -c100 -RTS,  
and this does not help.
On the other hand, this looks like a trouble with memory 
management:  -M100k - all right,  
             -M300k - Heap exhausted.

Serge Mechveliani