Socket library ghc 5.02.1

Sven Eric Panitz
Thu, 22 Nov 2001 10:59:22 +0100

It seems that the Socket library does still not work
with ghc 5.02.1.
I tried the simple test:

> main =
>     do
>     d <- connectTo "localhost" (PortNumber 80)
>     hPutStr d "GET / HTTP/1.0\n\n"
>     hFlush d
>     c <- hGetContents d
>     putStr c

On Windows2000 I get the known error:

*** Exception: does not exist
Action: getProtocolByName
Reason: no such protocol entry

whereas on Linux I get the following error:
*** Exception: failed
Action: connect
Reason: Unknown error 142731264

The error number changes for every invocation and every 20th time
or so it works on the linux machine.

Can anyone recommend me, how to get a working Socket library
with ghc 5.02. (I really need it now...)

Sven Eric