Binary library

Simon Marlow
Wed, 21 Nov 2001 09:39:15 -0000

> Does Malcolm's Binary library exist for ghc? If not, is there=20
> a standard
> way (ie using Haskell that works on any compiler) to dump a data
> structure into a file that another program or part of the same program
> can then pick up and read (cf "serialize" in Java)? I'm=20
> reluctant to go
> with a solution that's compiler-specific.

Using Show & Read is the only really portable way to do this,
unfortunately.  Sven Panne did a port of nhc's Binary library a while
back, which you can find on, but it will certainly need some
work to get it going on recent GHC's.

We'd really like a good serialisation library, BTW, if anyone out there
feels like donating one!