profiling problem

Andre W B Furtado
Sun, 18 Nov 2001 03:25:29 -0200

> Turn down the context switching time and/or the delta between
> profiling samples, e.g., to get the max amount of data, do
>    prog +RTS -h -C0 -i0

When I did this, the size of the .ps file increased, but I'm still getting
an empty graph... Can anyone compile the following simple program with
GHC-5.02(.1) under a Windows platform and check how the heap profile looks

main = print (f 25 + g 25)
f n  = nfib n
g n  = nfib (n `div` 2)
nfib n = if n < 2 then 1 else nfib (n-1) + nfib (n-2)

-- Andre