profiling behavior

Andre W B Furtado
Tue, 13 Nov 2001 14:54:29 -0200

> > If module A imports B, and if B was compiled without the
> > profiling options
> > (but A was), is the final program expected to abort (illegal
> > operation or
> > something like that)? If it is, why?
> You must compile (and link) the whole program with -prof, because that
> option changes certain fundamental properties of the virtual machine.
> If you link modules compiled in different ways, the behaviour is
> unspecified ;-)

Then I ask: if I have a compiled version of a Haskell binding/API/(something
like that), without the profiling options, will I have to hack the source
code of this binding/API/(something like that) and compile it again to
enable profiling, even though I want to profile a part of a program that
doesn't make any call to the binding/API/(something like that) functions?

-- Andre