Red Hat Linux 6.2 packages [was: Re: GHC version 5.02.1 is released]

Tom Moertel
Mon, 05 Nov 2001 16:26:41 -0500

Likewise, RPMs for Red Hat Linux 6.2 are available at the following URL:

md5sums and file sizes:

  8d74ce29387690923d4ae1543cab785f  ghc-5.02.1-1.i386.rpm     (10.6 MB)
  4d527acbfa5c50f4ea98fdaa8453d9d7  ghc-doc-5.02.1-1.i386.rpm  (1.9 MB)
  38d2edc5db0065679391f2c0f2c724d6  ghc-prof-5.02.1-1.i386.rpm (5.8 MB)

  2b1d79f48625bac27f43d2b529c5bd6d  ghc-5.02.1-1.src.rpm       (3.8 MB)

Neither the server nor the bandwidth at this site are capable of heavy
loads, so I would be grateful if somebody could download the RPMs to a
more suitable distribution site.