Evacuated Object

Simon Marlow simonmar@microsoft.com
Wed, 30 May 2001 14:22:44 +0100

> I'm experimenting with GHC (5.00.1) on RedHat Linux 7.1, it's foreign=20
> function interface (using .hsc files) and the SDL graphics=20
> library (v1.2).=20
> The curious thing is that the following code:
> main =3D	sdlInit [sdlVideo[
> 	sdlQuit
> can be loaded into GHCi and executed as many times as I like, however,
> if I then carry on and edit the module containing main, and=20
> then perform a=20
> reload (:r), I sometimes get an "EVACUATED object entered!"=20
> message and GHC=20
> crashes on me:

Great bug!  I managed to reproduce it here (except that I get a plain
seg fault not a GC panic), and it turns out to be an obscure bug in the
native code generator that only shows up with GHCi.  Compiling the
program with -fvia-C works around it.

Many thanks for the report.