Happy and Macros (was Re: ANNOUNCE: Happy 1.10 released)

Carl R. Witty cwitty@newtonlabs.com
14 May 2001 12:31:43 -0700

"Manuel M. T. Chakravarty" <chak@cse.unsw.edu.au> writes:

> I didn't say that this works for any kind of parser
> combinator, I merely said that it works Doitse's and mine.
> Both implement SLL(1) parsers for which - as I am sure, you
> know - there exists a decision procedure for testing
> ambiguity.  More precisely, whenever the library can build
> the parse table, the grammar must be non-ambigious.  As the
> parse table construction is lazy, this covers only the
> productions exercised in that particular run, which is why I
> said that you need a "file involving all grammar constructs
> of the language."  Nothing magic here.

Wow.  Clearly I haven't spent enough time looking at your parser
systems.  I apologize for my incorrect assumptions and statements.

Carl Witty