GHCi turned upside down?

Simon Marlow
Fri, 11 May 2001 15:47:08 +0100

> GHCi allows us to mix fixed compiled and dynamic interpreted code to=20
> be run from what I presume is dynamic interpreted code - the command
> prompt.  Would it be possible to run dynamic interpreted code from
> a compiled program?  I'm hoping the answer is "Yes, because=20
> this is what
> GHCi does", the only problem being to clean up the syntax and document
> it.

It's certainly possible, but bear in mind that you'd have to link in
essentially the whole of GHCi into your program in order to do it!  But
one of the things on our wish list is to have a clearly defined
interface to the underlying compilation/session manager, (i.e. what
we've been calling the HEP, or Haskell Execution Platform).  This would
allow you to plug in new user interfaces, make interpreted COM objects,
and in general have Haskell compilation/execution services available
from a Haskell API.  There's still work to do in deciding exactly what
this API should look like, though.