ghc & hdirect on windows

Saswat Anand
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 15:04:33 +0800

I am trying to install ghc and hdirect on windows. But I have failed
miserably. Initially I was able to install and run ghc, but after failing to
run hdirect examples i did some changes to environment settings, and now
none of them work. I also tried reinstalling both.

1. If I do mount  c: / then:
ghc does not compile and finishes without any word. I have /usr/bin/bash.exe
and /usr/bin/sh.exe.

2. If I do not mount c: / then:

administrator@CF-POSTGRAD12 /cygdrive/c/ghc/ghc-4.08.1/bin
ghc ghc-4.08.1 hp2ps.exe perl.exe stat2resid

administrator@CF-POSTGRAD12 /cygdrive/c/ghc/ghc-4.08.1/bin
bash: ./ghc: No such file or directory

In any case it does not run, Is there any other combinations :-(

1. I have copied the perl.exe that comes with ghc to /user/bin
2. I am using the right version of mingw.
3. I have set SHELL = /usr/bin/bash
4. I have scanned  most of the mails in ths list.

Please help.