Question concerning ftp and GHC binaries for HP-UX

ADAMS,RICHARD (Non-HP-Roseville,ex1)
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 11:26:34 -0800

I would like to download the GHC binaries to our HP 9000 machine (HP-UX
11.0), but have access only to ftp (i.e., no Web browser is available).
Does anyone know what ftp address to use?  Also, does anyone know whether
the GHC binaries for the HP-UX operating system will work on HP-UX 11.0?

I am not sure whether it is relevant, but I use Reflection terminal
emulation to telnet from my PC to the HP 9000 machine.  Truly 'hi-tech' :) .

Thank you.


Richard E. Adams
Softmatrix, Inc.
Roseville, CA