AIX port

Simon Marlow
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 12:05:31 -0000

> I've got access to an IBM RS/6000SP system, with the
> Power3 CPUs.  I'd love to see GHC up and running on
> this system.  According to the list of working ports,
> this wouldn't be too hard to get working.
> Has anyone tried doing this?  Are there any tips
> for how to begin?

No one has tried recently, as far as I know.  A good place to start
would be to read the recent discussions on this list regarding porting
to PowerPC/MacOS-X.  The basic idea is to get the system up and running
"unregisterised" first, which can be done with just a C compiler on the
host system, then try to get the registerised bits working. =20

The MacOS X port is still at the unregisterised stage, but they have a
problem with a seriously crippled gcc.  Asuming AIX's gcc is ok, it's
just a case of updating a few bits & pieces, and possibly pulling in
some small bits of code from the GHC 3.X runtime.  We'll be happy to
help out along the way.