trouble with ghc-4.08.2-1.i386.rpm

Jens-Ulrik Petersen
09 Mar 2001 15:50:42 +0900

"Jens-Ulrik Petersen" <> writes:

> I tried ghc-4.08.2-1.i386.rpm (both the RH-6 rpm and the RH-7 rpm) on
> my Linux box running RH rawhide-2001-02-06 (a touch newer than the
> RH-7.0.90 beta release Fisher), which both use glibc-2.2.1.
> When I compile a program, eg a test program like "test.hs":
> I get [..] linking errors:
> I think these are related to gmp2.

Oops, I just realised that I has gmp-devel-3 installed, which was
causing my linking problem.  Installing gmp-devel-2 and everything is
as it should be.

> (BTW are there plans to upgrade to gmp3, which seems to be standard
> now in the Linux world?)

Any comments on this?

Thanks, Jens