New InstallShield

Jan Kort
Thu, 01 Mar 2001 12:20:59 +0100

Reuben Thomas wrote:
> This one corrects a problem with the fix made in the last one that stopped
> anything to do with stat() working (e.g. hFileSize, reading directories &c.
> &c.).
> Sorry about that. The fix is still fragile and temporary; I'm waiting for
> the underlying mingwin problems to be fixed, hopefully in time for the GHC
> 5.0 release.

I didn't know the windows port of GHC used mingwin, that is great news.
Does that mean it is possible to generate stand alone applications for
Windows ?

Would it be hard to configure GHC to work with the mingwin crosscompiler
on Linux ? It would be great to have a crosscompiling GHC.