Simon Peyton-Jones
Mon, 18 Jun 2001 01:41:28 -0700

We have been labouring over the last few weeks to get a GHC that
runs on Windows and=20

	does not require you to install anything else
	does not intefere with anything else you already have installed
		(notably cygwin)

It was a big surprise to me how hard it is to achieve these two=20
objectives simultaneously on a Windows machine.

We are now (very) nearly there, after many exciting learning

We're going to put out a thrill-seekers Win2k release of GHC 5 with
the above properties.  "Thrill-seekers" because it'll be the head of
the tree and hence incorporate various things that 5.00.2 doesn't have
but which are slightly less stable. =20

So I think the simplest thing is to wait a week or two.  If you are in=20
a hurry, install GHC4.08.2, and cygwin, check out the HEAD, and say
(Works for me...)


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| From: Amit Garg []=20
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| Subject: Installation
| Hello.
| Is there a simple way to get running with ghc over win2k? I=20
| used the ghc4.08 installer ... but it doesnt like my cygwin.=20
| I couldnt use it to compile hdirect or upgrade to ghc5. The=20
| mkdepend script quits with a 'signal 127' message. Any help=20
| would be most appreciated.
| -Amit Garg.
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